Computer Repair and Recovery

  • We do data recovery for Computers - we'll locate your your missing documents, pictures and videos.
  • Is it damaged, or are you locked out, need a backup, or think you may have a computer virus?  Bring it in and we can discuss answers, options, and solutions. 

Tablet, iPad, iPod, & 2-in-1 Repair

  • Tablet screen blinking or broken, keeps shutting down, charger port problem, won't turn on?  Come see us and find out some of the most common causes and solutions.
  • We do data recovery for tablets - such as text, documents, pictures, and videos, just tell us what you need!

Cell-Phone Repair and Recovery

  • Have a problem with your phone? We fix broken screens, charger ports, and can transfer your number, fix problems with your software and settings, and reset phones on a daily basis.
  • We do data recovery for phones - such as text, documents, pictures, videos, restorations, and more, bring it in!

Game Console Repair

  • The main consoles we service are Xbox 360 • Xbox One • PS2 • PS3 • PS4, however, there are others we repair on a case by case basis (when and if parts are available) as well.
  • Common problems we fix regularly are HDMI ports, laser lens, and drive bays.

Television Repair

  • Daily, we evaluate TV's, order parts and fix most of the common problems.  We do installations at businesses.  There are times that we simply advise customers that the cost benefit is too high and direct them to consider buying a new one.  
  • We also have a selection of used TV's available for sale at all times. 

Printers and other Electronics

  • We fix a variety of other electronics, we do IT work, and install security systems as well.  
  • When in doubt, give us a call, and we will determine how best to proceed.


Computer Customizations

  • Have a new computer that needs basic or special software installations and updates?  Need your devices to be conncted or configured to connect to network printers?  Give us a call, bring it in, or if local, we can schedule a time to come to you.

Tablet Customizations

  • Need your tablet customized for work or school?  No problem, tell us your requirement.

Phone Customizations

  • Phones are one of our specialties.  When customers have a need, a problem or can't find it, we like to solve it!

Home Customizations

  • We provide a variety of home electronics installations and customizations, give us a call to find out more.

IT Customizations

  • We take outcalls locally for new business computer and network installations, modify existing business systems, deploy new technology such as NAS drives, Switches, Firewalls, Servers, and remote connections. 

Security Customizations

  • We take outcalls locally for new business computer security and surveillance camera systems, continuity of business reduncancies and backups, encryption, and remote viewing, monitoring, control.


  • IN STORE:  Bring your product to our store and speak with one of our Tech Support Professionals.

  • IN HOME OR AT A BUSINESS:  We can set up your products, help you use them, diagnose and solve the problem.

  • TECH TRADE-IN:  Get a Gift Card for Qualifying Used Devices (In Store)

  • TECH RECYCLING:  We will recycle your tech devices in an eco-friendly way (case by case basis)

  • PARTS:  Get replacement parts ordered and installed at Gadget Guys Tech (case by case basis)



Basic Computer setup (In Store, Home or Business)


Software Installation (In Store, Home or Business)

Tablet Shield Installation (In Store)

Memory Installation (In Store)

Specific other Hardware Installation (case by case basis)


Computer Backup (case by case basis)

Data Backup or Transfer (case by case basis)


Software Removal (In Store, Home or Business)

Computer Modification and optimization (case by case basis)

E-Mail or Software Troubleshooting (In Store, Home or Business)

Printer Troubleshooting (In Store, Home or Business)

Computer Training (case by case basis)


Data Recovery (In Store) 

Device Diagnostic (In Store, Home or Business)

Operating System Repair (case by case basis)

Hardware Repair (case by case basis)

Malware:  Removal of Virus, spyware, worm, rootkits and other issues (case by case basis)


  • We offer MILITARY DISCOUNT $5 OFF, also STUDENT DISCOUNT $5 OFF, and SENIOR CITIZEN $5 OFF on nearly all qualified offers. 
  • There's much to see at our tech shop and website.  So, take your time, look around, shop, and find the hidden deals, discounts, and sales. 
  • We hope you find what you need and take a moment to drop us a line if have any questions.

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